Online live class "Cookies" August 30 th


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Online Class on Zoom, live session.

Early bird price 

Special 4 th of July week end... buy 2 of any classes, add the "tarte tatin class" and you will get it for free. offers last until the 6 th of july

Multicamera, all the steps done from scratch, replay available even if you can't be there for the live session.

Recipes sent in advance

I will pick up 2 people during each classes for one on one free 1 H distance consulting !

Each class will demonstrate all the steps from scratch, in order to save time, I will prepare things in advance in order to cut the waiting time.

As always my teaching style is on the fun side, so I am really looking forward to virtually see you!

Class on August 30 th  at 8 am (New York time) 19h (Thailand time) 14 h (French time)


-double chocolate cookie

-praliné shortbread and whipped praliné cookie

-peanut butter and 3 chocolate cookie

-matcha yuzu and raspberry cookie

-Tempering chocolate and hand dipping of one cookie